Is there a need for commercial insurance?

When it comes to business, the priority is making profits as you increase revenue. So, when faced with an additional expense which is not a mandatory requirement, it is easy to overlook it and just decide to do without it. That is the case with insurance.

Most people do not understand why they should insure their businesses yet they do not foresee any risks. However, that does not mean it is the right decision. You never know what your business will face in the future. It may be faced with a serious problem which may risk your business getting destroyed or going bankrupt.

Still not convinced of buying a commercial insurance policy? Fayetteville, Arkansas’ G & G Independent Ins is here to help you understand more about the plan as well as help you see the benefits of it.

We are an insurance company that offers different insurance policies to our clients depending on their needs. We understand that insurance can be a bit confusing and hectic especially to those who are new to it and that is why we have taken this chance to educate you more about it.

Commercial insurance is a policy which you take to protect your business. Sometimes, you may be faced with various risks caused by either your employees, competitors, customers or just anyone connected to your business. For example, you may be sued for wrongful advertisement which can be termed as negligence on the part of your company. Also, your business building or properties may be destroyed by fire, floods, vandalism or just any disasters. All these risks can negatively affect your business causing it to crumble.

A commercial insurance policy from G & G Independent Ins protects you from all that. It helps you carry on with your day to day operations without worry of any risks. Therefore, if you are in Fayetteville, AR, feel free to contact us to get more information. Remember: we are here because of you.

Why is life insurance important when you are starting out in life?

When you’re just starting out in life, with your first job and a new family, the last thing you may want to consider is life insurance. After all, when you’re young, thinking about the possibility of your own death can be upsetting. However, as G & G Independent Ins, serving Fayetteville, AR would like to mention, your first stage in life as an adult is the exact time when you need to think about taking out life insurance.

To understand where we’re coming from, think about where your family will be if for some reason you are no longer there. You will not only leave behind a spouse but perhaps children who will no longer have your support.

Being responsible, you have no doubt already started saving and investing money, but it is not likely to be enough to cover things like your final expenses, paying off your debts, and providing for your children’s education. The spouse you leave behind, besides dealing with the grief about your no longer being there, will be left with some unpleasant financial decisions to make. He or she may have to sell the house you bought together and move into more affordable quarters. He or she may have to borrow money to give you a proper funeral. In short, the people you leave behind will likely be impacted by a number of unpleasant ways should a sudden illness or accident take you away from them.

Getting a life insurance policy is easy and, for someone who is young, affordable No one has to use it, but it will be there to provide peace of mind.

For more life insurance questions, feel free to contact G & G Independent Ins, serving Fayetteville, AR.

What to Expect When Filing a Home Owners Claim During the Holiday Season

In a perfect world, you would never have to file a home insurance claim. However, this isn’t a perfect world and at times, it may seem like you may have to file at the worst possible time. If you have to file a homeowners claim during the holiday season, we at G & G Independent Ins, serving the greater Fayetteville, AR area, want to let you know what to expect. Here is some information you need to know.

Be Patient

First and foremost, when you are filing a claim with an insurance company during the holiday season, you may need to be more patient than you normally are. People are taking time off to spend with their families, just like with many other industries. As such, there may be fewer people answering the phones, returning calls and taking claims.

Have Your Information Ready

When you call in to report your claim, you can make things easier on you and the adjuster by having your information ready. When possible, have your policy out and provide the adjuster with your name, address, and policy number. Try and be clear and concise with the information you provide to the adjuster. The better you can explain the problem, the more help they can provide you.

Have a Contractor Ready to Go

Lastly, after filing a claim, make sure you have a contractor ready to go. Contractors may also be harder to come by during the holiday season. Having one researched and ready to go helps you get the problem fixed after you get the green light for your insurance company.

If you are looking to obtain a new homeowners insurance policy in the greater Fayetteville, AR area, G & G Independent Ins would love love to help. Give us a call today to get a free quote.

Will Your Boat Insurance Keep You Afloat in the Event of an Accident?

G & G Independent Ins is your insurance partner in Fayetteville, AR. If you are in the market for a new boat or are unsure if your current boat insurance policy provides adequate coverage, we are here to meet all of your boat insurance needs. It is imperative that your policy protects you from damage or injury while out on the water, and you also need coverage in the event another boat is involved in a mishap with yours.

Comprehensive Coverage and Your Boat Insurance

There are many opportunities for you boat to befall damage- on the trailer while traveling to and from the lake, at the marina or another location where you store it, and of course, out on the water It may surprise you to learn that some boat insurance policies do not cover damages when the boat is out of the water, especially if it is being trailered.

Damages can occur on the water when it is difficult to determine which party is at fault, and in these situations, it is essential to have a comprehensive boat policy and an agent who is there to work with you throughout the claims filing process. Don’t be left with a hefty bill in the event of a boating accident, make sure that your coverage is complete!

G & G Independent Ins is proud to serve the greater Fayetteville, AR area, and we are here to meet all of your boat insurance needs. If you are planning on purchasing a boat, or just want to review your coverage to make sure it is complete, we are here to help. Please give our office a call today at (479) 802-0086 to set up an appointment with one of our professional agents.

Should You Add Roommates to Your Auto Insurance Policy?

If you live with roommates, you may have questions about them and your auto insurance policy. One of the questions that we are often asked here at G & G Independent Insurance, serving the greater Fayetteville, AR area is whether a roommate should be added to your auto insurance policy. Here is a bit of information you will want to know. 

The Benefit of Adding a Roommate to Your Auto Insurance Policy

If you live with a roommate, and they borrow your car frequently, adding them to your auto insurance policy helps to ensure that they are covered while they are driving your vehicle. This way, you don’t have to worry about them carrying their own policy, what their policy limits are or even if their policy has been cancelled. When you want peace of mind that they are covered when driving your car, this is the best way to do it. 

The Downside to Adding a Roommate to Your Auto Insurance Policy

The biggest disadvantage to adding a roommate to your auto insurance policy is that they can cause your auto insurance rates to increase. If they have a bad driving record, including accidents and tickets in the near past, or if they get in a accident or receive the ticket while on your policy, your rates can increase. This winds up costing you more money. As such, you should carefully consider whether you should or should not add them. 

If you are in the market for a new auto insurance policy, or looking to add your roommate to a new policy, contact G & G Independent Insurance, serving the greater Fayetteville, AR area today. We can help you determine the best policies to fit your needs and find a price point that fits within your budget. Call us now to get started. 

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Although you’ll see a great deal of stickers on cars that advise other drivers to watch for bikes, another aspect of motorcycle safety rests on the rider’s shoulders. In many cases, an accident in preventable. At G & G Independent Ins., serving Fayetteville, AR and the surrounding area, we believe in the power of knowing safety on the highway and even the back roads.

1. Watch for Left-Turning Vehicles

Getting hit by a vehicle turning left is the most common type of motorcycle crash. Don’t rely on drivers to look for you. Make sure you’re watching for cars turning left. 

2. Watch Cars Carefully

Cars can’t always tell how fast you’re going, so it’s easy for them to misjudge. Make sure you’re watching cars carefully and judging how quickly they’re going. 

3. Slow Down on Curves

While the adrenaline rush of cruising on your bike might give you a boost of confidence that you can handle taking that curve quickly, taking the curve too wide can cause you to end up slightly over the center line. This could cause a car to hit you. Take the curve easy. Slow down prior to turning and always find the correct position on the road before taking the curve. 

4. Know Your Limits

Riding a motorcycle is a skill that you have to keep working on in order to become an expert rider. Some motorcyclists can take sharp turns quickly and weave in and out of traffic flawlessly. However, you have to build your skills. There is no shame in riding within your skill range, so you can stay safe. 

One of the main safety tips for motorcycle riding is to always ride with insurance. It’s illegal and risky not to have insurance. Contact G & G Independent Ins., serving Fayetteville, AR and the surrounding area, to open a policy by calling 479-802-0086. 

Question: Do I Need Life Insurance?

This is a question we hear from our clients all the time. No one enjoys thinking about the end or the struggles our families may face without us, but it is a potential tragedy that we should prepare for. So, how do you know if you need life insurance coverage?

Consider the following three questions:

1. Does anyone rely on my income? (spouse/children/etc.)
2. Do I have any debt?
3. Will someone have to pay for my burial costs?

Answer: If you responded yes to any of these questions, you may need life insurance.

Ultimately, life insurance needs are unique to every individual. Someone could answer yes to all three of these questions and could already have the wealth to pay for each of these needs (I’m talking to you, lottery winners).

What do I do now?

Having an honest discussion with an agent about your long term plans is the best way to determine if and how much life insurance you may need. It is important to ask questions and carefully consider your options with a professional in order to determine what is best for you and your family.

For more information, feel free to call one of our trusted agents at (479)802-0086. We are here to help and provide you with all the information you need.

Mental Health Group Homes: Do They Need Commercial Insurance?

Group homes provide a beneficial service that residents of Fayetteville, AR have come to respect. Those who operate or own these homes need to understand the type of commercial insurance they need to protect their investment and their residents. At G & G Independent Ins, we can help you understand your options.

NPO Insurance Is A Branch Of Commercial Insurance

Most group homes will operate under a non-profit listing. As a result, they require a form of non-profit organization or NPO insurance coverage. NPO coverage is essentially the same as insurance required by for-profit organizations. It is just classified a little differently and setup for different types of businesses. This kind of commercial insurance will vary depending on the type of organization receiving it.

For example, group homes may provide help for those who are mentally handicapped, physically disabled, or troubled. Residents can also vary in age from teenagers to older adults. As a result, your policy needs to be broad enough to cover every aspect of your business.

Group Home Insurance Covers Many Aspects

Due to the unique semi-residential nature of a group home business, its insurance encompasses a variety of different aspects. For example, it will provide general liability for the residents and the staff who work there. This coverage type helps protect against serious lawsuits.

However, it also provides some insurance for vehicles used to transport residents. Note that this coverage extends only to vehicles used for this particular purpose. Personal staff vehicles, even if occasionally used for resident transportation, are not covered.

Let Us Help You

If your Fayetteville, AR group home needs high-quality commercial insurance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at G & G Independent Ins. We can sort through your policy choices and help you choose the right one for your group home needs.

Why You Should Choose Full Coverage for Your Motorcycle

Once your motorcycle is paid off you may be tempted to drop the insurance coverage down to the minimum amount legally needed in order to save a little money. This should be a decision you think through because there are many reasons to consider keeping full coverage on your bike. At G & G Independent Ins we want you to have peace of mind as you enjoy your motorcycle in and around Fayetteville, AR. 

Reasons to Keep Full Coverage on Your Motorcycle

  • There are certain increased risks when it comes to driving a motorcycle. If you are covered fully then if something bad happens the insurance agency can help lessen the burden. 
  • Keeping full coverage protects other drives as well if a minor damage accident occurs and you are to blame. The last thing you want to deal with after an accident is paying to fix someone’s car, let us handle it to the amount of your limits. Not to mention pulling out your insurance card can certainly de-escalate a situation that may be tense after a wreck. 
  • Sadly an accident on a motorcycle in more likely to cause severe bodily harm. Full insurance can help with some of the medical costs. Be sure to wear your helmet at all times and obey traffic laws to offset your risk to begin with. 

Contact us at G & G Independent Ins for a quote on your motorcycle insurance and to discuss how much coverage you need. We have your back when things go wrong on the road and that peace of mind can make your Sunday drive even better. 


Understand types of fire insurance

Fire insurance is a key component of most homeowners insurance policies. In Fayetteville, AR, the G & G Independent Ins agency is there to help you sort out the coverage you need for your situation.

When there is a fire, the property is usually severely damaged if not destroyed. It is a good idea to know what terms mean when you are getting your policy.  

The difference between replacement and fair market value can be large when you have had a major loss due to a fire. The terms mean what they sound like, but it is important to understand the implications. Replacement cost covers what it will cost to replace what was lost. Fair market value means you will be covered for the value of the property lost. 

To put his in perspective, imagine losing a room full of furniture. It might cost a few thousand dollars to replace that if it is destroyed by a fire. If you have fair market coverage though, you will only be covered for the current value of the furniture, which will be much less. Used furniture that is even two or three years old has a much lower market value than new furniture.

Now imagine your entire house being in that situation. Most of the time replacement cost is best, but it is more expensive. The structure itself could also have an impact on your decision. If your house was made with plaster 100 years ago, the cost to replace that might be astronomical, and even beyond what you want, so you don’t need to pay a lot extra for that.

Contact G & G Independent Ins in Fayetteville, AR and let them help you understand the intricacies of homeowners insurance especially as it related to fires. Our professional agents can help you determine what coverage you need.